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Meal Planning with Your Aging Senior Should Be Easy! Here are some tips.

Meal planning and preparation can be extremely complicated for your aging adult. That’s where you can really shine as her caregiver because it’s important that she’s able to eat the healthiest meals that she possibly can. What it really takes is some planning and execution in order to get the best results.

Senior Care in Port Huron: Meal Planning for Seniors Made Easy!

Senior Care in Port Huron: Meal Planning for Seniors Made Easy!

Make a Menu Together, if Possible

While it can be tempting to just make a menu and get it over with that leaves your senior out of the process. Talk with your senior about what foods and meals she’d like to eat in the week ahead. By making meal planning a collaborative process, you give her more agency in the discussion.

Delegate the Shopping

If it’s at all possible, find someone else who can head to the grocery store for you. This might be a friend, neighbor, or another family member who has time to hit the grocery store. Another option is to choose grocery delivery if that’s available in your area. Looking for ways to make your life easier can definitely pay off when it comes to shopping.

Set Aside an Hour or Two for Meal Preparation

In an hour or two, you can actually do quite a bit of meal preparation for the week ahead. This might involve chopping vegetables, separating out snack servings, and even getting meats marinating and into the freezer. Look for recipes and processes that you can set and forget for best results.

Put Single Servings in the Freezer for Easy Access

If you’re a home cook who loves cooking ahead as much as possible, then one of the best ways that you can store food after you cook it is in single-serving containers that are labeled. Then, when you or your senior are ready to grab something to eat, it’s easy to reheat something that you know is full of great ingredients.

Don’t Worry about Perfection

Above all, don’t worry about having the perfect meal plan or cooking perfect meals every day. There may be a day in there that you and your senior just order a pizza. You don’t want to do that every day, of course, but sometimes that’s what you need to do to get through that day.

Once you get into a rhythm with meal preparation, cooking, and grocery shopping, the entire process will feel so much easier. Take your time to discover what works for you and for your aging adult.

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Crystal Laeder, RN, Owner

Crystal Laeder, RN, Owner

Crystal Cares Home Care is a local Registered Nurse owned and operated business that was started in 2013. With over 27 years’ experience in the healthcare field, Crystal realized that there was a great need for high quality, experienced, and compassionate home care providers as well as advocacy for the elderly and others in need.In today’s world not, every person has family that is close and able to accept such responsibilities, or perhaps families have such busy schedules that they are unable to provide that much needed support.

We believe in caring for our clients using a holistic approach. Our clients emotional care is just as important as their physical care. Yes, it is important that our caregivers prepare a nutritious meal, complete assigned housekeeping tasks, we believe it is just as important that we support and address the client’s emotional and spiritual needs.
Crystal Laeder, RN, Owner