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Caregiver Trainings & Certifications

We are committed to investing in our employees, our clients, and their families we provide the most up to date, state of the art training and certification programs in the Blue Water area.

In addition to our training and certification programs, our caregivers undergo a written skills and competency checklist, caregiving skills are then validated in our in-house training room allowing our caregivers to gain hands-on experience, or practice a skill that may have not performed in a while.

Our Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses are available to provide additional support and skill instruction as needed by our caregivers.

Training programs and certifications build confidence and ensure that our caregivers are well prepared in delivering quality care to our clients.

Family caregivers rarely have a background in medical care or home care, and are forced to learn by trial and error, leaving most feeling vulnerable to making life-threatening mistakes.

Studies have shown that family caregivers are more than 3 times more likely to exhibit signs of depression and suffer from anxiety, stress, emotional problems, and chronic disease.

Sometimes you need resources to help you care

Being a family caregiver for a spouse, parent, child or loved one takes time, effort and work. You may not always have the answers, know what to expect, or how to react. We encourage you to visit our Family Learning Center ®, where we offer over 50 videos, self-paced courses, and articles created just for family caregivers. To learn more and gain access to our complimentary Family Learning Center click here.


  • Clients safety & independence are maintained while living in their own home
  • Risks of injury or falls are dramatically decreased when there are safe and proper transfers
  • Healing process time is reduced by ensuring adequate hydration & nutrition
  • Medication reminders and/or administration of medication by our properly trained staff, dramatically reduces the chance of medication errors
  • The is a lower the risk of health complications when the red flags are being monitored and can quickly be reported to your physician which in turn reduces emergency room visits and readmissions to the hospital
  • Families can have peace of mind knowing a properly trained caregiver is caring for their loved one

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Here are a list of the classes and certification programs are employees can enroll in after being hired: