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Crystal Cares Home Care is passionate about ensuring we employ the industry’s best caregivers to care for your loved one.

The responsibility of placing a caregiver into the homes of some of the most vulnerable people in our community is never taken lightly. That is why we are diligent with our screening and hiring practices.

How We Select Our Caregivers:

Application – Candidates complete our detailed application, specific to their position. This allows us to carefully review current and past employment, education, professional, personal references, and state license documents.

Competency and industry specific testing – Candidates must pass a competency exam, specific to their specialty and OSHA blood borne pathogen testing.

Pre-qualification – We screen all potential candidates on the telephone to determine their experience level, credentials, and licensing, also discussed is their reasons for seeking employment with Crystal Cares Home Care.

Comprehensive in-person interview – By conducting comprehensive in-person interviews with candidates we are attentively listening to the candidate’s “Why”, we want to know “Why” did the candidates decide a career in becoming a professional caregiver? “Why” are they motivated to continue their career as a professional caregiver? Everyone has a “Why”, and we want to ensure the candidate’s “Why” aligns with our “Why”. We also discuss their past work experience, accomplishments, and overall career goals. We learn a great deal about each candidate during this comprehensive in-person interview.

Mock & real-life based interview scenarios – Next, we present candidates with a variety of mock & real-life scenarios, based on the candidate’s experience level we present a question and answer session allowing the candidates to discuss how they have, or would handle such scenarios. Throughout this process, we can distinguish between those candidates who may not have a passion for caring for our clients.

On-site skills laboratory – Our on-site learning lab, fully equipped with a hospital bed, wheel chair, walkers, and other training items specific to the caregiver’s specialty allows us not only to assess the candidate’s skill set, it offers the opportunity for physical demonstrations of their professional skills in client care: ambulation, body mechanics, physical care, and more.

Background investigation – After successfully completing this entire process we conduct extensive reference checks, criminal background checks including: Office of Inspector General Fraud and Exclusions, Sex offender Registry, Sanctioned Provider List, I-Chat and more.

Orientation – Caregivers who successfully pass our stringent interviewing, testing, and background investigation are welcomed to the Crystal Cares Home Care Team with a complete orientation. Included in orientation is documentation training, Proper documentation and charting is reviewed to ensure all caregivers understand proper and legal documentation procedures. Since each client requires individualized care, understanding proper documentation as it applies to each client’s specific care plan is essential to job performance and meeting our client’s needs.

If you ask most in-home care companies, they will tell you that they screen all of their employees—but how often? At Crystal Cares Home Care, we exceed industry standards to monitor our caregivers on a regular basis. That means that we will know the moment there is an occurrence on a caregiver’s record, and we can act accordingly.