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The owner of Crystal Cares Home Care has worked in the home care and health care industry for over 27 years, she has experience in both Skilled and Non-Skilled home care, because of this she is considered an expert in both. Crystal and her team of experienced Nurse Care Managers are available to help you navigate your journey whether you need Home Care or Home Health Care our goal is to make your home care journey a great one.


If you are new to home care, trying to understand what insurance covers for in home care can be very confusing, and at times can become overwhelming. One of the most common question’s we are asked is does insurance pay for home care? The good news is yes it does, it just depends on what type of home care is needed or required. We created this resource to help you understand the “Home Care” language as well as what type of home care may best match you or your loved ones needs.

Care Worker Helping Senior Woman To Get Up Out Of Chair
Care Worker Helping Senior Woman To Get Up Out Of Chair

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