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Medication Management

Adverse drug events are a large public health problem
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Adverse drug events cause over 700,000 emergency department visits each year. Nearly 120,000 patients each year need to be hospitalized for further treatment after emergency visits for adverse drug events. As more and more people take more medicines, the risk of adverse events may increase.

As people age, they typically take more medicines. Older adults (65 years or older) are twice as likely as others to come to emergency departments for adverse drug events (over 177,000 emergency visits each year) and nearly seven times more likely to be hospitalized after an emergency visit.

As caregivers, we have to be diligent about helping our senior loved ones manage their medications. The more prescriptions you or your loved is taking, increases the risk for adverse drug events. That means for many of our senior loved ones medication management is crucial.

Crystal Cares Home Care is proud to offer medication care management services to you or your loved one. Our medication care plan is individualized to meet your needs by:

  • Medication coordination – refill notifications and pick up or delivery
  • Pill box set-up and reminders
  • Medication administration
  • Serve as your physician liaison on medication refills and follow-up
  • Review and reconcile your prescription medications, over the counter medications, herbal preparations, vitamins and supplements, etc. with your physician(s), and pharmacist
  • Update and provide you with a medication list to take to any physician visit(s), which will include vital information such as dosage times, amounts, and possible food(s) to avoid while you are using certain medications or supplements
  • Answer your questions regarding the use, indications and side effects of your medications
  • Check medication labels, expiration dates and any warnings that may be indicated
  • Monitor for effectiveness, interactions or side effects of medication(s) and notify your physician
Happy Female Doctor or Nurse Explaining Prescription to Senior Adult Woman.

If you would like to learn more about medication safety or our Medication Management program, call us at (810)882-9915

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