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How We Give Back

Free Alzheimer’s Care Services for Families in Need

The Dementia and Alzheimer’s Resource Committee a non-profit, of St. Clair County, Michigan has established a fund to provide respite or relief, to the primary caregiver of an individual with a diagnosis of dementia. Crystal Cares Home Care is an approved provider of the Fred Haynes Dementia and Alzheimer’s Respite Care Fund. 

To be an approved home care provider of this grant is an honor, and another example of How We Give Back to our community we so proudly serve. We can help families who may not be able to afford care and respite for their loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.


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For assistance call: (810) 882-9915


At Crystal Cares Home Care, we believe in supporting our community and those in need. We are there to lend a helping hand to others less fortunate and to make the world better than we found it.

Crystal is known for her passion of helping others, the following story is just one of the examples of how Crystal Cares. Jeanette relied on a lift chair, her chair broke and Jeanette desperately needed a replacement however, she was unable to replace it. Crystal immediately made finding a suitable chair for Jeanette her priority for the day. After many phone calls and persistence Crystal was able to replace Jeanette’s lift chair at no cost, including delivery right to Jeanette’s home. Jeanette was so grateful and excited to have received this blessing. Sadly, a few short months later Jeanette passed away.

The idea of the giving tree first started with donations received from Jeannette's son Michael Grygorcewicz after Jeannette passed away. Not only did Michael donate Jeanette’s lift chair, he also donated many other medical supplies. Michael shared he had donated items to Crystal Cares Home Care with friends and family, and more donations were received The Jeanette G. Giving Tree was named soon after and is a tribute to Jeanette and her family, since then it has grown and continues to grow.

Crystal is always looking for ways to assist the client's her company cares for in addition to the Blue Water Community. The giving tree offers such items as: walkers, bath chairs, incontinent pads, glucometer's, glucometer strips and more! If you or someone you know needs any of the above items, please feel free to contact Crystal Cares Home Care office at 810-882-9915 to schedule your appointment.