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What Can You Track in a Dementia Journal for Your Senior?

When you’re a caregiver for a senior with dementia, there is so much for you to focus on. In fact, there may be so much going on that you can’t possibly remember it all. That’s where a dementia journal comes in to play.


Home Care in Saint Clair MI: Senior Dementia Journal

Home Care in Saint Clair MI: Senior Dementia Journal


Symptoms and What Helps

Keeping track of new symptoms can seem impossible sometimes as a caregiver for a loved one with dementia. Tracking these symptoms in a journal helps you to see patterns quickly. You can also start to note which solutions you try help the most.

Challenging Behaviors and Triggers

People with dementia often experience challenging behaviors that they can’t explain. Some of those behaviors might be aggression, wandering, or repetitive actions and questioning. Understanding what triggers these behaviors is often the key to resolving them, so it’s important to try to figure that out. Keeping track of this information in a journal helps.

Care Needs for Both You and Your Senior

It’s really easy to lose track of what you need, in a practical sense. Making a list of care needs for yourself and your senior in your tracking journal means that you won’t lose it randomly. When you have someone who can help with a specific task or need, make sure you keep track of that, too.


Foods and Beverages

Sometimes knowing what your senior ate or drank on a given day can help you to determine what caused a specific behavior or reaction. You can also start to see at a glance whether your senior is eating enough or the right foods. This type of tracking can help you make gradual changes for better nutrition.


Sleeping Habits

Tracking sleep helps you to learn how much sleep your senior needs and whether she’s getting quality sleep. Waking up too late or staying awake too late can throw your elderly family member out of her regular routine. Knowing what that routine is can help you to avoid that problem.

Any Other Notes for Appointments

You never know just what information might be helpful for your senior’s next doctor’s appointment. Having that information handy when you go in is a lifesaver. You can simply flip to the right page and you’ve got what you need.

You might opt to keep a journal for only a short period of time in order to help you with a specific situation. Or you might find that this is something that helps you long term as a caregiver. Either is perfectly fine as long as it’s helping you.

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Crystal Laeder, RN, Owner