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What Sources of Emotional Support Do You Have?

Emotional support may be more important to you sometimes as a caregiver than other types of support might be. If you’re not sure where to find the emotional support that you need, these ideas can help you to branch out a bit.


Elderly Care in Marine City MI: Senior's Emotional Support

Elderly Care in Marine City MI: Senior’s Emotional Support


Support Group Meetings

Support groups for caregivers allow you to meet and to interact with other people who are doing the same thing that you are doing. You can find in-person and online groups that offer a variety of different types of support. If you’re concerned about taking time away from your aging adult, hiring home care providers ensures that your senior is in good hands.


Friends and Family

Many of your friends and other family members may have been where you are before. It’s not unusual for other people in your life to have been a caregiver at some point, too. They can understand what you’re going through and offer you the support you need. Even if they haven’t been caregivers themselves, that doesn’t mean they can’t be there for you when you need them to be.


One-on-one Therapy

Some situations are a little more complicated and might require some additional help. Finding a therapist that you trust can help you through difficult times in caregiving or other aspects of your life. A common problem for caregivers is finding time for themselves while coping with the responsibility of caring for someone else. Talking with a counselor can help you to see situations in a new way and find tools that can help you now and in the future.


Therapy with Your Aging Adult

Many family relationships are not all that you might want them to be at all times. Perhaps you’ve always had a difficult relationship with your elderly family member or caregiving itself is causing stress on your relationship. Attending therapy sessions with your elderly family member can give you support you need as a caregiver to keep on going. If your aging adult isn’t willing to attend therapy sessions together, you might get what you need separately.

Finding the right combination of emotional support for yourself may take some trial and error. What works for you now may need some tweaking down the road to continue to give you what you need. Don’t be afraid to assess what’s working and what isn’t so you can make the changes you need to make to your emotional support network.

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Crystal Laeder, RN, Owner