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Care Management

Why should you think about hiring a Care Manager?

You may be wondering if you are doing enough to manage your loved one’s day to day care. Whether you live nearby, or far away. You may discover the problems you or your loved one are facing are becoming larger and more complex, and require more time than you can comfortably manage. Or maybe your life’s other responsibilities have grown to the point you are unable to provide the level of involvement, supervision and attention to your loved one’s care that you once were able to. 

Crystal Cares Home Care is here to help. While we do not provide medical care, we can oversee your loved one’s care through our care management services. We will keep you and your family members—whether living nearby or far away stay informed, involved and confident that your loved one is enjoying a safe, healthy, and independent lifestyle.

For assistance call: (810) 882-9915

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Nurse Making Notes During Home Visit With Senior Couple

Our care managers help to ensure your loved one’s follow doctor’s orders, which can be challenging, especially if a senior has memory difficulties or problems reading fine print. Our care managers can assist your loved one with:

  • Conducting an initial assessment that provides a perspective of their loved ones health status
  • Attending doctors’ appointments and facilitating communication between doctor, senior and family members, if appropriate.
  • Transportation and scheduling of doctors’ appointments
  • Visiting and conducting care calls to establish regular contact, which may include coordination and reminders of upcoming appointments.
  • Monitoring client’s adherence to instructions, including medication reminders and exercise as directed by a physician
  • Special dietary needs for conditions like diabetes, hypertension or heart disease can be managed through following physician recommended shopping guidelines and proper food preparation by our skilled care professionals.
  • Conduct home safety and fall assessments
  • Empowering our clients and their families with information about their health care and health care providers, encouraging prevention and wellness to maintain independence
  • Organizing Clients’ health care information-medications, contacts, care plans, insurance, advisors, family and support members-in one place and documenting changes over time. Our Geriatric Care Managers keep information up to date in a secure online Electronic Personal Health Care Record that is visible in real-time to authorized family members, health providers, and other designated parties.
  • Coordinating family communications and regular health status updates allowing peace of mind for our client and his or her family, and caregivers Crystal Cares Home Care can become a single point of contact for your loved one’s health care matters.
  • Reviewing Clients’ health insurance for gaps or overlaps and pointing out possible improvements for them or their advisors to investigate-even including reviews of their Medicare D or other prescription drug coverage
  • Assisting Clients in understanding health care bills and insurance claims
  • Increasing compliance with the Client’s physician recommended health care plan by tracking medications and health care activities
  • Assisting Clients and their loved ones in understanding and exploring alternative living options, if or when they are interested
  • Assisting with hospital discharge and following discharge instructions
  • Assistance in acquiring medical supplies and equipment
  • Safety supervision for the client
  • Community resource planning
  • Support for emotional adjustments to lifestyle changes
  • Health crisis intervention